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Post-Wedding Bridals: Sheyanne + Logan at Mount Bonnell

Check out these bridals after the wedding and see why you and your honey should do them!

If you've ever been a part of a wedding in any way (bridal party, vendor, planner, you know, the like), you know that more often than not, things typically don't go as planned. Whether it's the timeline, guests arriving late, the bridal party not being ready, or the weather, there is no way to plan for everything to go perfectly. It's best to remember the most important part of the day - you're marrying your best friend! - and, most importantly, breathe. Being able to incorporate a post-wedding or pre-wedding bridal session with you and your honey gives you the flexibility to relax and know that you will get those epic golden hour shots you want without the pressure of missing out on moments during the wedding.

Sheyanne and Logan celebrated their beautiful wedding day in February with all of their family in friends. The week before the wedding, we had gorgeous warm weather with the sun shining - perfect scenario for a wedding! And in true Houston, TX fashion, an unexpected cold front came through with mist and rain on their wedding day, bringing the temperature down from the perfect 60s to the low 30s! Cold weather and rain are not the most perfect combination for a bride and groom wanting to celebrate their wedding day outside.

So why should I do post-wedding bridals?

Sheyanne and Logan braved their crazy weather change on the day of their wedding, and despite us all freezing our butts off, they got some incredible photos. They were sad that it wasn't completely ideal and so they opted for a session where they could pick a date on their terms, wear their wedding-day gear all over again, and enjoy celebrating their wedding day in beautiful scenery. This gave them the peace of mind that no matter what happened on their wedding day, they could be assured that we would get all of the photos they wanted!

If you're the type of person that wants to enjoy your wedding day without the stress of running behind, unexpected weather changes, or any other unpredictable surprises, a pre-wedding or post-wedding bridal session is for you! You can wear your wedding gear all over again, and as many other outfits as you like to really enjoy celebrating your new marriage with your best friend! And as your 3rd wheel, I'm your hype girl to make it just as fun as the wedding day!

Give yourself that elopement-feel and re-live the wedding day butterflies by booking your wedding bridals today! I can't wait to create together.


Let's work together!

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