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Southern Cali Engagements: Malibu + Joshua Tree

Need inspo for that Pinterest board? Debating traveling for your wedding or engagement session? Follow Shadrach and Noemi on their adventurous engagement session all over souther California and its gorgeous landscape.

If there's anything that I can convince you of in this blog post, it's that being adventurous in the biggest time of your life is worth it.

Now, not everyone will get the chance to fly across the country to shoot their once-in-a-lifetime session, but if you have the chance to drive an extra hour for something a little more unique to match your vibe, do it. If you live in an area like me, finding beautiful and natural landscape is a little bit of a challenge. You're stuck with smaller fields of grass and some brown bay water. Don't get me wrong, I love Houston, but in terms of photography, I am down to drive to Austin for hills and clear waterfalls!

What I love about Shadrach and Noemi's engagement session, is that they chose a location that meant something special to them. Even though it was across the country, Shadrach proposed to Noemi here in Cali, and they will move here after they get married! With your session, keep those things in mind. If you love the beach, go to the beach! If you two love coffee, shoot those pictures in a coffee shop! Just don't settle for what others are doing around you because it seems "right". Pick the location based off of what you want, no matter how far it is away or how different it is! Remember the drive is worth it because your unique love story is as well.

Remember, the session will be even more fun the more adventure you allow into it! I've had clients jump in freezing cold water together, spray champagne everywhere, and even venture into amusement parks to ride rides and eat cotton candy together. So, whatever you do for this chance in your lifetime, DO YOU.

If you need ideas on unique places to adventure during your elopement or engagement session, I'm your girl! Even embracing the rainy weather or something indoors can be creative and interesting! All you have to do is bring you and your honey and have a great time. At the end of the day, celebrating your unique love is what matters.

And don't forget to allow time for some video to capture these intimate moments with the two of you! Videos and gifs spice up that gallery to give you all of the variety you could ever need!


Let's work together!

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