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vintage vogue: a styled collab

Check out these gorgeous ladies who came together to create beautifully imagery inspired by vintage magazines and timeless style.

In the short time I've been pursuing photography, I've known for its entirety that timeless photography that I saw in magazines as a little girl was what really inspired me. Creating something interesting with a blank background can be challenging and yet, rewarding. The changing styles of fashion throughout the decades always stood next to creatives who captured the people wearing the clothes beautifully. And as a photographer, I've dreamt of shooting in environments where it felt as if I was shooting for those magazines. To challenge my creative side, I asked some friends to come together in an all-white studio and create something captivating with our blank canvas.

Something about this shoot that makes it extra special is that all of these ladies are completely different from one another, pursuing careers and going in different directions in life - yet, they came together and posed as if they'd had years of experience in modeling. The atmosphere was saturated with encouragement as we all hyped each other up to step out of comfort zones and really embrace the moment. I am so proud to have this as a part of my portfolio.

A lesson I learned...

Something beautiful I realized during this session is that anyone can experience and embrace this side of themselves. Oddly enough, I've heard many times from others that we all have something creative within us, there are just some that never tap into it. I grew up reading the magazines, gazing at the beautiful people, and it took me many years to realize that the people in those pictures were not real; they were airbrushed and photoshopped to fit the mold of what society deemed was beautiful.

Sadly, I hear all too often from others that they shy away from photos simply because they don't feel beautiful at the present moment; a reason being that they feel they need to lose weight, they need to get their breakouts under control, they don't like their hair, they just had a baby, whatever. Over and over the issue is that men and women don't feel beautiful as they are because we have allowed ourselves to believe that real beauty is the impossible kind, the airbrushed kind, the so-skinny-that-bodily-functions-stop-altogether kind.

In all honesty, I've put down the magazines. I've stopped looking to society to tell me what's beautiful, what's fashionable and what will make me accepted in the world. My beauty shouldn't be found in a group of people who will change their minds with the wind. I am a constant person, with a unique personality that doesn't change, and a body that does. I am born this way, and I've chosen to accept it and deem it beautiful as it was created. Yes, I have cellulite. Yes, I get breakouts. Yes, my hair doesn't cooperate, and YES I don't always like the outfit I picked out for the day. We all face the "standard of beauty" that society set and fall short, but if that standard is what is keeping us from really embracing the body we have been given and the beauty that is within in it, then there is something wrong - there is a voice we need to silence.

So, young or old, wrinkly or smooth, curly hair or straight, makeup on or off, you are worthy of being captured on film and feeling truly beautiful.

If there's one thing you can get from this...

You. Are. Beautiful.

Right now, as you are, nothing else. You don't have to perform to be beautiful. You don't have to change. You already are beautiful because of how you were created. You are worthy of being celebrated by someone behind a camera. And you are worthy of having your beauty immortalized in digital and film form.

Stop waiting to have your pictures done. Stop saying you're not good enough right now. Stop holding yourself to an impossible standard. Celebrate your beauty now.

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