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The Gift of Summer: An At-Home Maternity Session

Romantic maternity session with Itai + Tal in their gorgeous home during summer.

I absolutely love spending time with couples, creating content with them that celebrates their love. I've always believed that maternity and family sessions are not my strong suit, but after this session, I was able to see family milestones in a while different light! Who could have thought that celebrating something in the family can still be romantic, giving you all of the real, warm feelings that weddings and couple sessions give. Having the pleasure to get to work with Itai + Tal was more than a complete blessing, but it felt so eye-opening. To be invited into their home and partner with them to create a space that celebrates what their love created - it makes me emotional. Scroll down and you can see what I'm talking about.

My favorite part about this session was that we were able to capture the intimacy that Itai and Tal share together, and also play with editorial and filmy vibes to capture something really unique. I honestly couldn't be more thrilled with how these turned out. Not to mention, they're so stinking awesome to hang out with! Tal has some incredible experience modeling and so she made my job super easy and came with ideas on the concept she was going for, and then we just kind of explored as we went!

When you're hanging out with your clients, or you're looking to re-create a concept like this for your next shoot, don't be afraid to pad yourself with extra time so you have the liberty to go beyond a boundary line you've felt stuck in. Creativity needs room to breathe, and I'm so glad that Tal gave me that chance to really run with something fun while still celebrating the most important thing - her and Itai's new baby! Celebration and creativity can go hand-in-hand to really make something unique for your clients to treasure for a lifetime.

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