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HELP! What do I wear for my photos?

Stressing about what to wear for your up-coming session? Don't freak out!

If you're anything like me, choosing an outfit for a special occasion, ESPECIALLY when photos are involved, I tend to get kinda stressed, ending up with 6 or 7 different outfits thrown everywhere in my closet. But that stops here! I got you! In this blog, I'll give you some tips on how to pick what to wear for your next engagement session, family photos, or individual headshots.

Tip #1 - Think about your location

Where are you going to take these pictures? The beach? The woods? A field in golden hour? Thinking about your location helps you picture what the area will look like. If it's a busy street or a small town full of brick walls, you can develop a picture in your head of what your surroundings will consist of.

With that in mind, you can...

Tip #2 - Plan a color palette

Just like you pick colors for your wedding day, you should pick colors to stick to for something like this! Your color palette is best paired with similar colors of what will be your surroundings, since they will compliment each other best. Many trends are developing where people are sticking to "earth tones" when shooting outdoors. Why is that? Because "earth tones" look best with our great Earth!

Great examples of earth tones are:

Tip #3 - To print or not to print

For some, wearing only solid colors can feel bland or boring, but in a busy location where there's plenty already going on in the background, wearing solid colors can be a better option to keep the frame as clean and beautiful as possible and not distract from YOU as the subject. Keep in mind that you want to not blend into the busy background, but stand out from it! My personal tip is that if going with solid colors feels boring, layer up with a jacket, some neat jewelry and add a hat! Having some accessories helps to make the outfit fun, but still flattering with solid colors.

Tip #4 - I'll say it again, ACCESSORIZE!

There's absolutely nothing better than bringing something you can easily take on and off just for fun! A hat is a great example of this. It gives your gallery an added detail to display and a little bit more variety as it appears and disappears every now and then (plus, I am a sucker for hats). Another example is some jewelry. I love to capture those details with the engagement ring and get all of the bling flashing in a shot or two... or five. Layering up with some jewelry definitely makes the outfit take another step up.

And if you're feeling like being a little extra, you can always rent some prop pieces from me! Who wouldn't want to wear a vintage jacket, long gloves, or the most gorgeous robe you've ever seen in your next engagement, bridal, maternity, or whatever session you want to in???


Let me know if these tips helped you! I'd love to get to know you better and read your feedback on dressing to compliment your surroundings. As a photographer, it's so beautiful to see all of the concise colors come together in an edit and flow like one big painting. <3


Let's work together!

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