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Why do a post-wedding session with your new spouse?

Post-wedding sessions are my ABSOLUTE favorite. Don't miss out on your chance to get one of these! Here's why you should add this to your Pinterest board ASAP.


Post-wedding sessions are sessions with the Bride+Groom after the Big Day. They are suuuupppeeerrr chill, which is one of the reasons I love them so much. This is your chance to loosen up and get those shots that weather, the schedule, or daylight didn't permit! The added flexibility of getting to choose the location, day and ensure that we get the weather you want for the shot is what makes this session so special!

I also love that we get to capture all of the bites and tickles of a newly-wed couple. The excitement of the wedding still hasn't worn off, and we're fresh off the heels of the honeymoon, so the adventures are calling! Wherever you wished you could have eloped to or celebrated that wedding day we CAN take these beautiful shots there, just the three of us.


I loved this session so much because even though it was raining outside, we were still able to capture this couple's beautiful intimate love due to the spacious and light area. Flexibility is always an option, but this particular bride already had her makeup and hair planned to be professionally done on this day, so rain or shine, we had to have a backup location!

But hey! Not every bride is going to need professional makeup done, and so the options are endless! If it rains, we can always reschedule. ;)

For those who wanted to elope, we can definitely use this session to travel to that destination you were envisioning! Want the mountains in the background? Or the ocean? Or the famous Utah Salt Flats? Same! I'm game! Do you want to stay in Texas or travel elsewhere? The answer is always yes. Why? Because love doesn't have limits.


Let's work together!

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