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A Wedding in the Woods | Montgomery, TX

Join me on this incredible journey of re-living one of my favorite weddings I've ever shot. Why is it a favorite? Keep scrolling.

Tucked into the deep woods of Montgomery, TX, you'll follow a long driveway to find one of the most gorgeous cabin-like wedding venues, with trees surrounding the property for a remote feel for your wedding day. The Lodge at Mound Creek was one of the first properties I had the opportunity to capture a wedding day on, and to this day, it remains engrained in my memory as one of the most beautiful venues in Texas I've shot at.

Of course, there are MANY gorgeous places all throughout this very large state to hold your wedding at, but to feel like you're lost in the woods is something I personally enjoy. There's this sense that it's just you and your loved ones and no one else - and you get the party all to yourselves.

Dom + Brad, the bride and groom, were two of the most lovely people during this day. Their love for one another translated in every photo, and even though Brad expressed hesitations about they way he would look on camera, it is obvious that having Dominique at his side eased any tension that might have been there. From the moment he saw her walk down the aisle, their eyes were locked on one another.

But for now, let's enjoy the details of this gorgeous wedding that really softened up this space, like their tears softened our hearts!

The darker colors in the cabin-esque venue created this moody and warm feel for the reception, and since the entire area was deserted during the early hours of the timeline, I had the chance to capture all of the beautiful center-pieces and details without anyone present. I also loved the beautiful details of the invitations and the rings all together, creating a seamless presentation of detail that tied the whole feel of the day together without the bride or groom being present! And who doesn't love capturing the pretty details of the day?

AND THE CAKE???!!!! UGH! It tasted as good as it looked!

The ladies + the gents...

While the ladies got ready for their closeups, I met with the guys for a quick group photoshoot. They didn't disappoint! Since the timeline that Dominique hired me for was a shorter one, I arrived with enough time for detail shots before the ceremony, and then stayed through the party for the rest of the night! Even with a shorter timeline to work with, it didn't stop me from being able to get some bomb shots before that ceremony 0f both parties. ;)

Let's relive the ceremony together...

One of my favorite things about this wedding: Brad's reaction to Dom. I mean, literally he couldn't stop crying for a few minutes into the beginning of the ceremony. Also, I love that these two wanted to treasure a first touch moment right before walking down the aisle. They shared traditional vows in front of family and friends, and then requested a private moment without cameras or family to read personal and intimate vows to one another before their grand entrance in the reception.

What about those Bride + Groom shots?


Now that we're done looking at the magazine models... ready to party?